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On Monday, we began to look at programming in our computing lessons and discussed the term 'algorithm'. We started to look at solving problems in algorithms through the use of Scratch, and had to find the script block that needed changing so that Scratch recited their times tables up to 12 x 3. Some of us managed to get Scratch to recite the three times tables past 200!

Historian visit today ,we invited a Stone Age man.He told us about Stone Age facts and much more it was very fun.We all dressed up it was really funny and cool.🙈🗡
We played Stone Age games⚽️ No technology📵
Amelia and Liam

Reptiles 'n' amphbians

Last Thursday we were holding animals and if you wanted to put the snake on your neck you can
And you got to go with the rabbit. I got to feed a parrot  while it was on my pinky finger and then sat in my nest looking ginger hair.  By S.H and reggie bye.

Sports Day

Sports day was amazing and we were amazed by the games the produced when we finished we were all cheering the cargo hold was the best and the been bag throwing.Moses won the running race and green team won the whole thing 

By Moses and MW