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Data collection

In computing lessons this half term, we have been looking at data collection and presentation. On Tuesday, class Hawking completed a traffic survey along Church Road, recording the number of different types of vehicles that drove past us. We cheered every time a vehicle drove past us and got lots of smiles and waves in return!

Once we had collected our data, we used Microsoft Excel to input our data into tables. In our next lesson, we will use this data to create graphs on both the laptops and by hand.

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Junk Modelling

This afternoon, Year 3 finished building their civilisations using recycled materials. There was glue, plaint, tissue paper... It all got very messy but we had lots of fun! Here are some of our works-in-progress:

Newton Maths Set

Over the last two week in maths we have been looking at measure.
We have been using the formal methods of addition, subtraction and multiplication to reason and solve probelms using measure.

We have also been reminding children how to use the chunking on a number line method, to solve Division problems.

Feel like a challenge for National Numeracy Day?
Have a go at the Royal Wedding themed problem,
Newton Maths Class enjoyed solving this tricky problem.

Science- Plants

Plants This week in science, we have been investigating the best conditions for growing plants. 
The children have worked in groups to organise their own investigations. 
Each group have 4 plants- the conditions they have decided to grow them in are:
-Plant 1 - Light and water.
-Plant 2- No light or water.
-Plant 3 - Light, no water. 
-Plant 4 -Water, no light. 
The children will be observing the impact of the conditions on the plants as well as measuring the plants growth. 

Next week we will also be looking at the function of a leaf and dscussing photosynthesis.

In our topic lesson this week, we were exploring the symbols used on ordnance survey maps. We had great fun in guessing what each symbol stood for and put our knowledge to the test by drawing the symbol for some different features found on a map. Next week, it's map sketching!

We Walk for Water

Year 3 took a stroll down to Hall Place last Friday.
The aim of the day was to raise money for 

Money has started coming in and is mounting up. In total Year 3 walked 5.8 miles. The children began to see how hard it is for families in Africa. 
Each day a child is sent to collect water from a well. They would walk further, often with bare feet. 
We walk for water is aiming to provide a clean water source for all boys and girls in the world. This would mean instead of walking for water each day, these children could go to school and receive an education. 

As we walked around Hall Place Gardens, we looked at plants and collected information for our science lessons. The children also had lots of fun, playing together and making games in the abundance of space, which we found at Hall Place. 

This term in Circle Time, we are focusing on Anti-Bullying and ways in which we can prevent bullying from happening.
In our English lesson this week, we have being exploring this theme through our book, Weslandia, through role play. We have been looking at how the main character, Wesley, feels on the inside and appears on the outside when he is being bullied. 
In groups, we took it in turns to play the role of Wesley and then one of the bullies.
 We used our experiences to write a diary entry in role from Wesley's point of view.